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The automated creation of dynamic websites that include fully functional data driven structures and presentation services.

Consumer Reviews

I started an online shop to sell my custom jewelry line. None of that is out of the ordinary per say but I am a 74 year old widow who has not used a computer since the late 80's and have only used the Internet for less than 3 months before doing this. I looked at Ebay, Amazon and Etsy and this was easier and faster than all of those. [Wildeta, Los Angeles]

My business was lucky enough to stay open during the onset of the pandemic and nothing else helped me to do that besides grit and my website. I get my leads that way and my customers book that way. I opened my shop and once I switched to LPK7.com in 2017, things really took off for us and now we are here to stay and not even the recent tragic times have not knocked us out. This is the real deal and Tony is the only one who told me from day one how it was and he didnt say anything that was not true. You would be doing the smart thing if you listen to what they say and use LPK7.com must like we do. [Donna V. - Owner of Uncle Fredies, Reno NV.]

I get over 300 unique visitors to my website per day which is much more than visit my store on the main street in the heart of Reno, NV., on even the absolute busiest day. My old website was a drag on me mentally and I was so angry about it for so long. I could never get what I wanted done, when I wanted it done and I was not computer literate enough to do anything but take it. I was however wrong and the truth was that I just needed something easy to use that a non-techie could understand. 3 years ago I generated my website on LPK7.com and today I am the number one home and garden store in Reno, NV. and have even been featured in The Washington Post because they liked my website, then visited my store as a direct result, then they found out all the great things we sell. I will never be held captive or put in a position where I am not in control of my website again because now I have the keys and I make it work. I am still by the way a very novice computer user and another sticking pint for me is that LPK7 is easy and you don't have to read the directions or watch the video to figure it out, you just use it and everything just works. Mobile App, eCommerce, SEO; it all just works right away. [Sam S. Owner of Micano Home, Reno, NV.]

We thought our website was not that important since our business thrived on word of mouth and referrals but we were wrong. When the pandemic hit, we learned firsthand that we could have been going out of business like everyone else if it was not for our high ranking marketing sites and our new eCommerce sales. Our websites didn't just validate our company, they helped to save our 45 year old business and the jobs of the people who make it work. [Shaughn M. - General Manager/Partner, Sargents Maytag, Reno, NV.]