Web Design Automation

The eVolution Of Website Design, The Future Of An Industry.

The automated creation of dynamic websites that include fully functional data driven structures and presentation services.

PROVIDER Site, Speed (Comparison conducted with GTMetrix, the global authority on website speed testing).

PROVIDERS - LPK7.com is over 10x (Ten Times Faster) faster than Wix.com, period. The reason is that Web Design Automation technology powers LPK7. The question is "how can other providers advise you on making something you can "be proud of" when their own site is a dismal failure in a very basic speed test?

Speed is one of Google's top ranking factors and there is no excuse for having a site that does not perform well in this area. WDA powered website service portals (Service Providers) are faster than all major provider portals that use other types of technology and this has been a measured and proven fact since 2007.

LPK7.com is the worlds fastest website maker.

PROVIDER Site, Speed (Comparison conducted with GOOGLE LIGHTHOUSE.

Below are two evaluations of the same sites above using Google Lighthouse. The score by the Web Design Automation powered website is superior to the score by a non WDA powered website that does less and cost more. Google is the authority here and they have made it very clear what counts. To this we say, "if your current provider can not score high on the evaluations of the worlds top search engine, then how are they supposed to help you"?

WEBSITE Speed (Comparison conducted with GTMetrix, the global authority on website speed testing).

CONSUMERS - Individual websites created with Web Design Automation are simply faster to create than any known method. The individual websites created with traditional Web Content Management Systems or even newer libraries such as ReactJS also perform slower. Here is an example of real websites, where the loser cost well over $10,000 Yearly and is outperformed by a WDA generated site that cost just $249 Yearly. Create your own fast website with all the features here: Instantly Create A Website using WDA Technology.

Fast Website (generated in less than 5 seconds @ LPK7: https://www.maytagsalesreno.com/)
[includes eCommerce, Call Button, Chat & Instant Live Video Call/Conference]

Slow Website (partially generated but mostly built using BootStrap, React, etc,  https://www.czyzsbrandsource.com/
[includes Call Button and Chat only.]